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A Family Tradition

SINCE 1921

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Augustino Conti arrived in New York. He had left Italy armed only with his faith in the American Dream and an encyclopedic knowledge of the cookies and cakes that were the pride of his native Parma.

He quickly found work in a bakery, and in 1921, he risked everything he had earned and saved to open his own bakery in the Italian-American neighborhood nestled between the Van Nest and Morris Park sections of the Bronx.

His shop, A. Conti, incorporated not only Italian favorites like cannoli and torcetti, but also French pastries like napoleons and cream puffs.

His daring paid off, and he quickly established himself as the premier baker during a time when a local pastry shop was at the center of the community. Families gathered around the soda fountain counter. Young couples who fell in love over Conti’s desserts turned to Conti’s for the elaborate wedding cakes Augustino was designing—fantastic confections of exquisite tiers and delicate swags.

Augustino baked the most delicious cakes and pies, experimenting, innovating, making the custards and fillings lighter, creamier, and more irresistible.

Conti's fluffy Boston Cream pie, Augustino's favorite twist on tradition, is still made with our original secret recipe. For three generations, the bakery was owned by the Conti family, who continued to make the pastries and Italian butter cookies from the treasured recipes Augustino had worked so hard to create.

Children who had loved Conti's pastries would grow up to bring their own children to Conti's.

In 2001, Augustino’s grandson Orlando passed 80 years of tradition (and secret recipes!) to another family committed to preserving the quality and home-style baking of Conti’s. The beautiful bakery retains many of its original details: hand-stapled tin ceilings, gorgeous wood walls, terrazzo floors, and the original marble soda fountain installed in 1928. In fact, Conti’s was chosen as the location for the 2008 film Doughboys because of its nostalgic look.

The new owners carry on the integrity of service and the artfully sweet delights of Augustino’s original creations. They continue to stay true to the original recipes that won the hearts of the community and have added their own touch of innovation to elaborately designed occasion cakes that win the hearts of a new generation. With the same hard working ethics, dedication to the community and strong values they plan on keeping Conti’s alive for generations to come.

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